John ATTLEY (son of William ATTLEY and Lydia WHITEMAN)
Baptised on 2 February 1832 at Ringstead, Northamptonshire
Married Sophia PHASEY in 1859
Died in 1907

Born about 1834 at Kempston, Bedfordshire

Died in 1895

Joseph Wallace ATTLEY

Born about 1860 at Ringstead, Northamptonshire
Married Emma FERRY in 1885
Joseph and Emma had the following children:
Fred ATTLEY : born about 1886 at Ringstead, Northamptonshire
Walter Leonard S ATTLEY: born about 1890 at Raunds, Northants

Letitia ATTLEY

Born in 1863

Silvester ATTLEY

Born in 1865
Buried on 15 May 1866 at Ringstead, Northamptonshire

Frederick ATTLEY

Born in 1867
Married Frances Alice RIDDLE in 1892
Frederick and Frances had the following children:
Lily Henrietta ATTLEY : born in 1894
Henry ATTLEY : born in 1896

Ivy Frances ATTLEY : born in 1903
Bert Riddle ATTLEY : born in 1905
Iris Dora ATTLEY : born in 1909

Margaret Olive ATTLEY : born in 1911

Henrietta ATTLEY

Born in 1869
Died on 15 February 1870
Buried on 16 February 1870 at Ringstead, Northamptonshire

Henry William ATTLEY

Born in 1871
Married Mary Annie SHELTON in 1897
Henry and Mary had the following children:
Mary ATTLEY : born in 1900 at Wollaston, Northamptonshire
Phyllis Margaret ATTLEY : born in 1907

Alfred John ATTLEY

Born in 1875 at Ringstead, Northamptonshire
Married Bertha Jane BATES in 1896
Alfred and Bertha had the following children:
Horace ATTLEY : born in 190
1 at Ringstead, Northamptonshire
Stanley ATTLEY