John BAILEY (son of William BAILEY and Maria BAKER)
Born about 1830 at Ailsworth, Northamptonshire
Baptised on 11 July 1830 at Castor, Northamptonshire
Married Sarah Matilda ATTLEY
Occupation: dock labourer / carman
Sarah Matilda ATTLEY (daughter of Jeremiah ATTLEY and Susannah COBLEY)
Born about 1833 at Ringstead, Northamptonshire
Baptised on 14 November 1837 at Ringstead, Northamptonshire
Often referred to as "Matilda" in the census returns

William BAILEY

Born in 1850 at Harbury, Warwickshire



Born about 1853 at Leamington, Warwickshire


Charles BAILEY

Born about 1858 at Plaistow, Essex

Sarah Elizabeth BAILEY

Born on 20 August 1859. Click here for more information


Born about 1862. Click here for more information

Matilda BAILEY

Born about 1867 at St Lukes, Middlesex

Emily Jane BAILEY

Born about 1870. Click here for more information

Richard Thomas BAILEY

Born in 1875 at Pimlico, Middlesex
Married Ellen PIGGOTT in 1899
Richard and Ellen had the following children:
Annie Elizabeth BAILEY : born in 1900 at Westminster, Mdx
Ellen Matilda BAILEY : born in 1904at Westminster, Mdx
John James BAILEY : born in 1907 at Westminster, Mdx
William Charles BAILEY : born in 1909 at Westminster, Mdx