Isaac James BARKER (son of Samuel BARKER and Mary Ann COLLINS)
Born on 15 May 1841 and baptised on 1 August 1841 at Eastwood, Essex
First married Eliza PRATT on 6 March 1865 at St Pancras Church, Middlesex
Second married Mary Ann TWINING on 6 July 1878 at Kensington Registry Office, Middlesex
Died on 26 July 1931 at New Malden, Surrey
Buried on 31 July 1931 at Kingston Cemetery, Surrey
Occupation: builder and bricklayer
Eliza PRATT (daughter of Abraham PRATT and Ruth GREEN)
Baptised on 19 May 1839 at Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire
Died in 1877
  Children by first marriage to Eliza PRATT

Isaac James BARKER

Born in 1866 at Kentish Town, Middlesex
Married Alice Winifred HUNT in 1891
Isaac and Alice had the following children:
Albert James BARKER : born 1892 at Acton, Middlesex


Born in 1870 at Notting Hill, Middlesex


Born in 1872 at Notting Hill, Middlesex
Married Annie Maria HUNT in 1898
Walter and Annie had the following children:
Elsie Helena Maud BARKER : born in 1900 at Surbiton, Surrey Walter John James BARKER : born in 1902 at Walton, Surrey
Winifred Alice Lilian BARKER : born in 1908 at East Molesley, Sy


Born in 1877 at Notting Hill, Middlesex

Mary Ann TWINING (daughter of Eli TWINING and Sarah Ann PRATT)
  Born on 6 January 1858 at Clap-y-atts, Tidenham, Gloucestershire
  Died on 16 January 1921
  Buried on 21 January 1921 at Kingston Cemetery, Surrey
  Children by second marriage to Mary Ann TWINING

Lily Mary Ann BARKER

Born in 1878 at Notting Hill, Middlesex


Lucy Ellen BARKER

Born in 1879
Born in 1880


Ellen Edith Eugenia BARKER

Born on 18 November 1880. Click here for more information


Albert Edward Alexander BARKER

Born in 1882 at Paddington, Middlesex
Married Winifred Hilda Dyre ADAMS in 1910
Winifred died in 1940
Albert died on 25 December 1950


Ernest Edgar Eli BARKER

Born in 1883. Click here for more information.


Frank Harold Samuel BARKER

Born in 1893 at Upton Park, Essex
Married Edith F DEVERELL in 1921
Edith died in 1967
Frank died on 15 November 1971