Edward Henry BOOME (son of John BOOME and Elizabeth REEDMAN)
Born on 12 October 1863 at Whetstone, London
Married Eliza Jane LUCK on 18 May 1891 at the Church of St Paul, Clapham, Surrey
Occupation: plasterer
Eliza Jane LUCK (daughter of George LUCK and Martha)
Born about 1869 at Lambeth, Surrey

Edward George BOOME

Born on 12 July 1892. Click here for more information

Alfred John BOOME

Born in 1893 at Battersea, London
Married Elizabeth E BAKER in 1914
Alfred and Elizabeth had the following children:
Alfred L BOOME : born and died in 1914
Alfred J BOOME : born in 191
9; died in 1920
Jessie E BOOME : born in 1920
Herbert W BOOME : born in 1922
John E BOOME : born in 1925
William T BOOME : born in 1928
Edward R BOOME : born in 1930

Herbert Charles BOOME

Born in 1896 at Battersea, London
Married Harriet E LONG in 1920

Ellen Eliza BOOME

Born in 1897 at Battersea, London
Married Albert E DYER in 1922
Albert and Ellen had the following children:
Leslie DYER : born in 1923
Reginald DYER : born in 1925
Olive E DYER : born in 1928
Joyce E D
YER : born in 1933