Reuben Daniel SMALL
Born in 1847 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Married Rosina EDMONDS in 1874
Died in 1915
Occupation: brass founder
Rosina EDMONDS (daughter of Edward EDMONDS and Elizabeth Gregory BLAND)
Born in 1846 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Died in 1929

Rosina SMALL

Born in 1875 at Aston, Warwickshire
Married Alfred Albert MOORE in 1897
Alfred and Rosina had the following children:

Leslie Alfred G MOORE : born in 1900; died in 1976


Ellen Elizabeth SMALL

Born in 1877 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Married Frederick William RICHARDS in 1898
Frederick and Ellen had the following children:

Violet Edith May RICHARDS : born in 1905


Edith Emily SMALL

Born in 1879 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Married Graham Anstey RICHARDS in 1904
Graham and Edith had the following children:

Ronald G RICHARDS : born in 1911

Sidney David SMALL

Born about 1883 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Died in 1964


Louis Bertram SMALL

Born in 1885 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Married Theresa Annie SMITH in 1910
Louis and Theresa had the following children:

Louis Ralph SMALL : born in 1911; died in 1984