Thomas Martin GATELEY
Born on 30 March 1842 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Married Mary Ann EDMONDS on 26 July 1869 at the Church of St Barts, Edgbaston, Warwickshire
Died on 31 March 1922
Occupation: jeweller
Mary Ann EDMONDS (daughter of Edward EDMONDS and Elizabeth Gregory BLAND)
Born in 1843 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Died on 1 April 1932

Thomas Francis Edward GATELEY

Born in 1870 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Married Nellie CLULEE on 16 July 1900 at Kings Norton
Thomas died on 27 October 1955 at Southsea, Hampshire
Thomas and Nellie had the following children:
Florence Gwendoline GATELEY : born in 1901
Geoffrey C GATELEY : born in 1904

Kenneth Edmonds GATELEY : born in 1917


Arthur Albert GATELEY

Born about 1872 at Newark, New Jersey, USA


Ernest Alfred GATELEY

Born about 1874 at Newark, New Jersey, USA
Married Margaret Ann HEYS in 1906
Ernest and Margaret had the following children:
Ernest Gerald GATELEY : born in 1907


Born in 1875 at Selly Oak, Worcestershire
Died on 14 February 1906


Stephen Walter GATELEY

Born on 29 April 1878 at Selly Oak, Worcestshire
Married Jean Ann Grant MACGREGOR on 25 December 1905
Stephen died in 1970 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Stephen and Jean had the following children:
Clive GATELEY : born in 1909
Stephen A GATELEY : born in 1915


Edith Frances GATELEY

Born in 1885 at Kings Norton, Warwickshire
Died on 22 February 1970 at Birmingham, Warwickshire