Date of Will: 31 January 1797
Proved on 1 March 1800 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury


I WILLIAM GIBBARD of Sharnbrook in the County of Bedford do make this my last Will and Testament as follows

First I give to my son JOHN GIBBARD all my Freehold Estates in the County of Bedford and Calthrop Lane Banbury in the County of Oxford to him and his heirs for ever  Likewise all my stock upon the Farm Crops that are growing excepting the house I now live in with the stable I lately made waggon Ovel Bakehouse Wood House Brewhouse Dairy and new Celler  Likewise the Garden Fish ponds and Orchard which I give to my two Daughters HANNAH and ELIZABETH GIBBARD to live in during they remain single and either marry then to the other and in case they both marry then to my Son JOHN GIBBARD and his heirs for ever

I likewise give to my said two Daughters the use of all my House Goods Plate Linnen and which shall be in the house at my decease during they should remain single (excepting the Plate which I had of the late MR DOODY to be divided equally share and share alike) and after their marrying or death I give the same to my Son JOHN GIBBARD

I give to my Daughter MRS HARVEY One thousand pounds to be paid within twelve months after my decease to be paid out of my Freehold Estates

I likewise give an annuity of Five pounds per annum to MRS FOWLER during her life  Likewise to my Servant ANN BIRD Twenty pounds to be paid within  six months after my Decease the above annuity and Twenty pound Legacy to be paid by Son JOHN GIBBARD

I likewise give to my two Daughters HANNAH and ELIZABETH GIBBARD All the rest of my Personal Estates whatsoever to be equally divided between them and in case my Son JOHN GIBBARD should die without heirs lawfully begotten I then give my Freehold Estates to my Daughters HANNAH and ELIZABETH GIBBARD equally and to their heirs lawfully begotten and if they should die without issue them to MRS HARVEY and her heirs for ever to be divided amongst her children share and share alike

I likewise leave to the poor of Sharnbrook Ten pounds to be distributed as my Executors shall direct and do appoint my Son JOHN  HANNAH and ELIZABETH GIBBARD Executors of this my last Will and Testament dated this 31 day of January 1797 – WILLIAM GIBBARD – Signed Sealed Published and Declared to be the last Will and Testament of me WILLIAM GIBBARD in the presence of us – Witnesses GEORGE BARKER Clerk – JOHN EYELSBEETERS LAYTON

This Will was proved at London the first day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred before The Worshipful Samuel Pearce Parson Doctor of Laws Surrogate of The Right Honorable Sir William Wynne Knight also Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the Oath of JOHN GIBBARD the Son of the Deceased and one of the Executors named in the Will to who Administration was granted of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said Deceased having been first Sworn duly to Administer

Power reserved of making the like Grant to HANNAH GIBBARD and ELIZABETH GIBBARD Spinsters the Daughters of the said Deceased and other Executors named in the said Will when they or either of them shall apply for the same