Henry EARL (son of John Robert EARL and Mary Ann HIRONS)
Baptised on 16 February 1845 at the Church of St Mary, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
First married Eliza COGGS in 1869
Second married Clara LUCAS in 1902
Died on 8 July 1921
Occupation: grocer/oilman
  Born about 1838 at Limehouse, Middlesex
  Died 1900

Mary Sarah EARL

Born in 1870 at Peckham, Surrey

Thomas Henry EARL

Born in 1872 at Lambeth, Surrey
. Thomas married Alice Maud TROTTER in 1902 .
. Thomas and Alice had the following children:.
.. Eric Evan EARL : born about 1904 at Stoke Newington, London
.. Constance Maud EARL : born about 1906 at Forest Gate, Essex

.. Ethel Mary EARL : born about 1908 at Lincoln, Lincolnshire

.. Robert Henry EARL : born about 1910 at Stratford, London

Eliza Amm EARL

Born in 1874 at Acton, Middlesex

Caroline EARL

Born in 1876 at Acton, Middlesex

Jessie Emma EARL

Born in 1880 at Acton, Middlesex

Charles EARL

Born in 1882 at Acton, Middlesex


  . Born about 1864 at Holloway, Middlesex
  . Died in 1922
  Children by second marriage to Clara LUCAS

Winifred Dorothy EARL

. Born in 1904 at Tonbridge, Kent

Reginald John EARL

. Born in 1905 at Tonbridge, Kent