Leslie Seymour SAUNDERS (son of Charles Alexander SAUNDERS and Mary ROWLANDSON)
Born on 21 May 1837 at Bullingham Place, Kensington, Middlesex
Married Edith L RIVERS on 18 February 1862 at Rawal Pindee, Punjab, India
Died on 22 May 1888 at Ajmere, India
Edith RIVERS (daughter of Ambrose RIVERS and Mary Anne DADE)
Born on 24 February 1842 at Calais, France
Died on 5 September 1915


Born on 6 December 1862 at Delhi, India

Florence Grace SAUNDERS

Born on 20 March 1864 at Lahore, India
Died on 5 April 1864 at Lahore, India

Ethel Frances SAUNDERS

Born on 15 June 1865 at Sealkote, India

Charles Ambrose SAUNDERS

Born on 16 September 1866 at Lahore, India
Died on 1 October 1866

Arthur Rivers SAUNDERS

Born on 6 October 1867 at Murree, India

Leslie Harry SAUNDERS

Born on 11 November 1868 at Lahore, India
Married Violet Dora CONNELL on 10 June 1909 at Rangoon

Leslie died on 30 December 1926
Violet died on 10 May 1932

Evelyn Beatrice SAUNDERS

Born on 30 May 1870 at Jullundhur, India
Died on 15 August 1870 at Mussoorie, India

Millicent Bertha SAUNDERS

Born on 1 October 1871 at Notting Hill, Middlesex

Hilda Elfrida SAUNDERS

Born on 19 September 1873 at Ajmere, India
Died in 1954

Harold la Touche SAUNDERS

Born on 18 November 1874 at Ajmere, India
Died on 21 March 1876 at Ajmere, India

Edgar Stopford SAUNDERS

Born on 15 January 1876 at Ajmere, India

Montague Brandreth SAUNDERS

Born on 11 December 1881 at Ajmere, India