Proved on 10 May 1871

This is the last Will of me AMBROSE RIVERS now residing in New London Road St Albans I hereby revoke all former Wills I desire that my funeral may be conducted with as little expense as possible I bequeath my copyhold house at Hammersmith now let on lease to the Fulham District Board of Works to my wife for the term of her natural life and after her death then I bequeath my said house to my two daughters GRACE the wife of Captain SWINTON BROWN and EDITH the wife of LESLIE SAUNDERS Esq as tenants in common and should either of them die before my wife then I bequeath the same to the survivor And as to the residue of my property of what kind soever I leave the same to my wife but should she not survive me then to my two daughters aforesaid equally to be divided between them or if either of them die before becoming entitled to this bequest to the survivor of them And I appoint my nephews GEORGE FREDERICK POLLOCK and CHARLES EDWARD POLLOCK Executors of this my Will As witness my hand this 29th day of March 1869 – AMBROSE RIVERS – Signed by the said AMBROSE RIVERS the Testator in the presence of us who were present at the same time and who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses – THOMAS JOLLIFFE London Road St Albans – WILLIAM GIDDINS George Street St Albans

Proved at London 10 th May 1871 by the oaths of GEORGE FREDERICK POLLOCK Esquire and CHARLES EDWARD POLLOCK Esquire the Nephews the Executors to whom Admon was granted