Proved on 28 December 1888

This is the last Will and Testament of me HARRY RIVERS of No. 31 Arundel Gardens Notting Hill in the county of Middlesex a Major General in Her Majesty’s Army

I appoint my sister CHARLOTTE MARY RIVERS and my cousin ERNEST MURRAY POLLOCK of No.5 Piper Buildings Temple Esquire Barrister as law Executors and trustees of this my will And I give to my cousin Miss HARRIETT SOPHIA (Haddie) POLLOCK my gold watch and chain as I wear them and so many of my books pictures and prints as she may select And I give all my furniture and household effects and all my articles of domestic use and ornament other than those herein before specifically bequeathed unto my sister in law ANNIE RIVERS for her absolute use and benefit And I bequeath to my nephew Lieutenant HARRY RIVERS R.N. the sum of five hundred pounds and to the said ERNEST MURRAY POLLOCK the sum of fifty pounds both the said legacies to be paid free of duty And I devise and bequeath all my real estate and all the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate unto my executors and trustees upon trust to sell call in and convert into money such part thereof as shall not consist of money or of investments herein after authorised (but with full power to my said executors to retain for so long as they may in their absolute discretion think fit any of the investments belonging to me at the time of my death) and to invest the proceeds of any such sale or sales in or upon any of the public stocks or funds of Great Britain or upon government municipal or real securities in Great Britain including mortgages of leaseholds not having less than sixty years to run at the time of such investment or in or upon the guaranteed or preferential shares or stocks debentures or debenture stock or mortgages of any company formed in the United Kingdom or British India or any English Colony or Dependency for the purpose of carrying on the business of a railway or railways wherever situate which is at the time of such investment paying a dividend on its ordinary shares or stock or in or upon the securities of the government or of any municipality in Canada or any Australian Colony or New Zealand and that my said executors or trustees for the time being shall have power to vary and change the said investments or any of them from time to time for any others of those prescribed And I direct my trustees to stand possessed of my residuary estate and the investments for the time being representing the same upon trust to pay the income thereof to my sister CHARLOTTE MARY RIVERS during her life and without power of anticipation And after her death upon trust to raise and pay out of the capital of the said trust fund the sum of one thousand pounds to the said HARRIETT SOPHIA POLLOCK and to pay and divided the residue of the said trust fund and the income thereof into and equally between such of my nieces FRANCES ANNIE RIVERS LUCY MARY RIVERS and AMELIA CHARLOTTE RIVERS as shall be living at the death of the said CHARLOTTE MARY RIVERS and shall attain the age of twenty one years Provided nevertheless that if any or either of them my said nieces shall marry whether before or after attaining the age of twenty one years and die in the life time of the said CHARLOTTE MARY RIVERS leaving issue such issue shall take if more than one equally what would have been their his or her parents share if living

And I revoke all former wills In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this twenty fifth day of October one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight – HARRY RIVERS – Signed and declared by the said Major General HARRY RIVERS as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us both present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto set our names as witnesses – Wm BLYTHHENRY W ROACH – Clerks to Messrs. Paine Son and Pollock 14 Gt Helens Place London EC Solrs.

On the 28 th Decr. 1888 probate of this will was granted to CHARLOTTE MARY RIVERS spinster and ERNEST MURRAY POLLOCK Esquire the Executors