Robert STEWART (son of Adam STEWART and Margaret PAUL)
Born on 18 November 1875 at Westfield, Oyne, Aberdeenshire
Married Jeanie Ann JAMIESON on 21 June 1901 at the Church of St Nicholas, Aberdeen
Died on 13 February 1942 at Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
Buried at Grove Cemetery, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
Occupation: carpenter/joiner
Jeanie Ann JAMIESON (daughter of Henry JAMIESON and Jane BARCLAY)
Born on 28 January 1878 at Fyvie, Aberdeenshire
Died on 5 February 1967 at Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
Buried at Grove Cemetery, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Robert Adam STEWART

Born on 5 April 1903 at Aberdeen
Died on 18 April 1935
Buried at Grove Cemetery, Aberdeen


Walter Henry STEWART

Born on 5 May 1905 at Inverurie, Aberdeenshire
Married Elizabeth McNair WING
ATE on 7 March 1942
Walter and Elizabeth had two child
Gordon Robert John STEWART
Walter died on 8 October 1978 at Glasgow



Born on 24 May 1906 at Inverurie, Aberdeenshire
Died on 17 May 1974 at Aberdeen


Norman Jamieson STEWART

Born on 20 March 1908 at Inverurie, Aberdeenshire
Married Ivy Agnes VALLER on 29
July 1939
Norman and Ivy had one son: Robert Allan STEWART
died on 18 December 1985 at New Haw, Surrey
Click here for more information on Ivy Agnes VALLER


George Barclay STEWART

Born on 18 November 1916
Married Jenny Bell GRAHAM
George and Jenny had two children:
Georgene STEWART
George died on 19 August 1944



Born on 5 January 1919 at Inverurie, Aberdeenshire
Married Christine Germain Thomson WARES on 20 June 1942
Allan and Christine had three children:

Charlotte Forbes STEWART
Robert Allan STEWART
John Charles STEWART



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  Grave of Robert Stewart and Jeanie Ann Jamieson