Leonard Herbert VALLER (son of William Daniel VALLER and Ellen Mary THOMPSON)
Born in 1889 at Brixton, Surrey
Married Nellie MEAD in 1917
Died on 27 September 1962 at Balham, Greater London
Nellie MEAD
No information known

Daisy Lillian VALLER

Born in 1918
Married William Joseph VALLER in 1945 - click here for more information


Born in 1920
Married Reg PEARCE in 1941

Rose Emily VALLER

Born in 1922
Married Edward WALKER in 1946

Leonard Arthur VALLER

Born in 1926
Married Irene SPEARINK in 1948

Dorothy Joyce VALLER

Born in 1929
Married Peter MUDGE in 1950

Edward John VALLER

Born in 1931
Married Ivy BORRETT

Pamela May VALLER

Born in 1934
Married Henry George MAKER in 1957


Born about 1939