George Worton ALMOND (son of George ALMOND and Lucy WORTON)
Born on 9 July 1888 at Clapham, Surrey
Married Ethel STEER on 2 March 1919 at the Church of St Paul, Clapham, Surrey
Died in 1962
Ethel STEER (daughter of John James STEER and Fanny Frances HUNT)
Born on 25 June 1895
Died in 1983

Winifred Ethel ALMOND

Born 1922

George Henry ALMOND

Born 1924
Married Margaret BOOME
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Constance Pamela ALMOND

Born 1929


Born 1932


Born 1934

Robert Clifford ALMOND

Born 1937

Albert George Worton ALMOND

No information known

Douglas ALMOND

No information known