George ALMOND (son of Henry ALMOND and Elizabeth Mary CANNON)
Born on 25 August 1857 at Lambeth, Surrey
Married Lucy WORTON on 28 September 1884 at Kensington, Middlesex
Occupation: brewer's drayman
Lucy WORTON (daughter of Albert Thomas WORTON)
Born about 1858 at Camden Town, Middlesex

George Worton ALMOND

Born on 9 July 1888. Click here for more information

Lucy Ellen ALMOND

Born about 1885 at Clapham, Surrey

Robert Henry ALMOND

Born about 1890 at Clapham, Surrey


Born about 1892 at Clapham, Surrey

Albert Frederick ALMOND

Born about 1895 at Clapham, Surrey


Born about 1897 at Clapham, Surrey

Elizabeth Winifred ALMOND

Born about 1899 at Clapham, Surrey