Henry ALMOND (son of Thomas ALMOND and Sarah WRIGHT)
Born on 5 February 1827 at Frating, Essex
Baptised on 11 March 1827 at St Nicholas Wesleyan Methodist, Colchester, Essex
Married Elizabeth Mary CANNON on 24 July 1853 at Trinity Church, Marylebone, Middlesex
Died in 1905
Occupation: gardener / pointsman on railway
Elizabeth Mary CANNON (daughter of Charles CANNON)
Born about 1832 at Westminster, Middlesex


Born about 1856 at Lambeth, Surrey
Married Ellen GROOM in 1880
Henry and Ellen had the following children:
Ellen M ALMOND : born c1882 at Lambeth, Surrey
Henry Charles ALMOND : born in 1883 at Lambeth, Surrey
Percy Arthur ALMOND : born in 1893 at Guildford, Surrey


Born on 25 August 1857. Click here for more information

Elizabeth ALMOND

Born about 1861 at Lambeth, Surrey
Occupation: dressmaker


Born about 1866 at Lambeth, Surrey
Married James IRONS
James and Mary had the following children:
Annie IRONS : born about 1883 at Lambeth, Surrey
Reginald IRONS : born about 1887 at Lambeth, Surrey
Archibald J IRONS : born about 1888 at Lambeth, Surrey
Henry D IRONS : born about 1889 at Lambeth, Surrey
Frederick IRONS : born about 1891 at Lambeth, Surrey
George IRONS : born about 1898 at Lambeth, Surrey