Thomas BROWN
Born about 1853 at Derby, Derbyshire
First married Emily Borham WAKE in 1874
Second married Sarah HIRONS in 1897
Died on 9 February 1933 at Sunnyside Villa, 5 Gunnersbury Lane, Acton, Middlesex
Occupation: variously described as a builder, decorator and carpenter
Emily Borham WAKE
Born about 1854 at Somers Town, London
  Died in 1895
  Children by first marriage to Emily Borham WAKE

Emily Martha BROWN

Born in 1875 at Acton, Middlesex
Married Horace Thomas CAPSTICK in 1905

Henry Thomas BROWN

Born about 1878 at Acton, Middlesex

Alice Maud BROWN

Born in 1879 at Acton, Middlesex
. Married George W WILBY in 1931.

Ethel May BROWN

Born about 1889 at Acton, Middlesex
Married Charles F PRESTON in 1919

Sarah HIRONS (daughter of Thomas HIRONS and Sarah)
  Born in 1858 at Acton, Middlesex
  Died on 4 January 1938 at Acton Hospital, Acton, Middlesex
  Children by second marriage to Sarah HIRONS

Gertrude Beatrice BROWN

Born on 10 September 1898 at Acton, Middlesex
Married Sidney George COPAS in 1927