Thomas HIRONS (son of William HIRONS and Hannah HUDSON)
Baptised on 11 September 1808 at Marylebone, Middlesex
First married Sarah WRIGHT on 1 July 1832 at the Church of St George, Hanover Square, Middlesex
Second married Sarah WEBB on 20 April 1854 at the Church of St George, Hanover Square, Middlesex
Died on 7 November 1881 at Acton, Middlesex
Buried at the Church of St Mary, Acton, Middlesex
Occupation: wheelwright/coachbuilder
Born about 1801 at Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
Died in 1852 and buried on 24 August 1852 at the Church of St Mary, Acton, Middlesex

Sarah WEBB (daughter of Jeremiah WEBB)
  Born about 1824 at Gloucester, Gloucestershire
  Died on 2 April 1913 at Gunnersbury Lane, Acton, Middlesex
  Buried on 5 April 1913 at the Church of St Mary, Acton, Middlesex
  Children by second marriage to Sarah WEBB

Hannah Elizabeth HIRONS

Born about 1855 at Acton, Middlesex
Married Frederick Arthur EVERITT in 1897
Frederick and Hannah had the following children:
Margaret Ethel EVERITT : born 1886 at Acton, Middlesex
Reginald Frank
EVERITT : born 1892 at Acton, Middlesex


Born about 1857 at Acton, Middlesex
Married Osborne Thomas EAST in 1884
Osborne and Emma had the following children:
Alexander Harold EAST : born 1888 at St Pancras, Middlesex
Leslie Osborne
EAST : born 1891 at St Pancras, Middlesex


Born about 1859.  Click here for more information

Jessie Watson HIRONS

Born in 1860 at Acton, Middlesex
Married Andrew Wood LINEHAM in 1887
Andrew died on 28 October 1915
Jessie died in 1940

Andrew and Jessie had the following children:
Nora Isabel LINEHAM
Born in 1889 at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Married Sholto Theodore DOUGLAS in 1915
Sholto and Nora had the following children:
Sholto A I DOUGLAS : b
orn 1919
George A DOUGLAS : born 1921
Howe A DOUGLAS : born 1924

Thomas Webb HIRONS

Born in 1861 at Acton, Middlesex
Married Mary ADDIS in 1890
Thomas died on 28 May 1948 at Ealing, Middlesex
Thomas and Mary had the following children:
Charles Rowland HIRONS : born 1890 at Acton, Middlesex Charles married Lilian Margaret FEARGUS in 1915

Eliza Ann HIRONS

Born in 1868 at Acton, Middlesex
Married Edward HARRISON in 1904
Edward and Eliza had the following children:
Olive Lois HARRISON : born 1909 at Claughton, Lancashire
.. Olive married Harold TRESISE in 1932
George Francis HARRISON : born 1911 at C
laughton, Lancashire